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POP UP VR Arcades

Amazing temporary arcades customised for your event

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With the growing number of VR arcades being set up in towns in the UK, wouldn't it be great if a company could bring one to your event. Fully loaded extreme VR entertainment.


Mission Spacewalk

Your mission is to exit the spacecraft and experience your first space walk.
You don’t have long, so using your hand controllers, manoeuvre yourself around and explore. View Earth like never before taking you on an emotional and personal journey.
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Robot Repair

The Robot repair game, is a spoof VR training experience. The player is transported to a laboratory with instructions to repair a robot that has malfunctioned. Audio instruction is given, but is very complicated, even for the most experienced engineer. As you fall behind trying to comple the allotted tasks things start to go wrong….

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Rock Legends

Ever wanted to be a guitar hero or drumming god? Well here is the chance you have been waiting for. Play along to real rock classics, try to hit the cords in time and keep to the beat. Karaoke meets "Guitar Hero". Learn more...


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London: 020 8150 0456


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