Computer Generated Imagery for Industry
Reality 3D is a trade brand for Digital Design + Media Ltd. Company No. 6065291 Registered office: 17 St Clements Rd - Poole - Dorset - BH15 3PB - UK. T. 0208 1500 456
A quick overview of the products and services we offer.

Stage Set Design and Visualisation
             Specifically for the live events industry, we can help you with visualising your next event, designing a suitable stage set or exhibition stand and creating floor plans, photo realistic images and CAD drawings for construction. If you are stuck for ideas, then a fresh perspective is sometimes what's needed. We fully understand the events industry and will work closely with events organisers, producers and production managers to come up with the best solution. This service is charged at 40 per hour and many projects are completed within a few hours.

3D Rendering

              Using the very best software, we can render your existing 3D assets or create new models for you, of products, proposed changes to buildings or office space, or create visual representations and animations of ideas to show to others or for publication.


              With our in depth knowledge of working in 3D, we can manipulate video to incorporate live action and virtual objects. We use 3D compositing tools and editing software to produce high quality video for business and advertising. The use of Green Screen equipment means we can superimpose interview footage over specific backgrounds and graphics. We offer  complete video editing, cleanup, colour grading & dubbing services, as well as, format conversions of all video and audio files.

Augmented Reality

              Mashing up the real world with the virtual. Exciting and engaging technology, for advertising, live events and marketing.