One of the most challenging and time consuming element when coming up with a new look to an event is the stage set design. The look and atmosphere when your audience first into the room can set the tone for the day.

Your set should be bespoke, suited to your requirements and affordable. Our lighting design experience means that, not only do the designs look good in your presentation document, but are achievable in the real world and are accurate. What you see is, what you'll get.
Computer Generated Imagery for Industry
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If you are under pressure to get designs and visuals to your client or production team, we provide a fast efficient service and can get designs back to you within 24 hours if necessary. Prices start from 160.00 for modeling and rendering from your concept, even if it is only a rough sketch or written description. There are a variety of associated services that will be very useful in the event pre-production process. These include seating layouts, quick concept drawings, marked up plans with construction data & sightline tests.

CAD & Visualisation services are charged at 40 per hour
Typically modeling a small stage set then creating a number of photorealistic renders will take around 4 hours, more complex designs, longer.

Seating layouts from 60

Concept ideas are priced per project. Initial "scamps" will be sent for aproval before tghe full design process is started.

All prices subject to VAT