Augmented Reality is growing fast in popularity. The technology has many uses and up until recently was very expensive. But now, we believe, it is so affordable that it can be integrated into short campaigns or live events, like exhibitions and conferences. You can use it to engage customers well before an event starts by inviting them to download the free browser onto their mobile devices. Printed media triggers scenarios of mixed media, as viewed through the camera of the customers phone or tablet. This can be animated 3D models, videos or additional graphical and audio information. The scenarios are interactive and can direct the user to specific web pages, great for enticing customers to an exhibition. They can use the same App at the show, bringing printed graphics to life and creating a real buzz at the event, and continue to have fun with the technology post event, prolonging their experience and enhancing your viral marketing campaigns. Prices for campaigns start at 599 plus vat. Contact us for more details and demos.
Computer Generated Imagery for Industry
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Try AR for yourself. We have created a free AR experience to try and show colleagues. Using either an Android or Apple tablet or phone with a rear facing camera, download the free Junaio AR browser App using the links below.

Once installed, launch the application, point the camera at the QR code (this selects one of our channels). Point your device at the printed " I love AR" image. You should be seeing a 3D animation of a Lego Quad bike and rider. But this could just as easily be one of your products, or a video.

Download links

Augmented Reality - Live on Stage

A new and dynamic way to engage your audience, during a presentation. If you are presenting with PowerPoint support and live camera relay already, then adding AR is very cost effective. Particularly useful for demonstrating 3D representations of products or objects, where re-orientating the marker card, shows different viewpoints to your audience. Scenarios start from just 149 plus VAT.
Click on the image < left
Right click in the pop up window and select print.

Use this as the tracking marker for your free AR experience
Present Live On Stage
AR Event